Friday, February 27, 2009

hairy amazons and ugly people

Families are a funny thing. At least in terms of Step Parents. Take my DH's Step Mother for example. She has a voice like a pterodactyl and is almost 7 foot tall. And the First of the two times i have had the displeasure of meeting her she wore a mini skirt and it looked like she had never in her life shaved her damn legs. Anyway DH comes and tells me tonight that he was talking to his mom and his sister, and i guess his sister went off of her, in my head i am going yes! His sister just takes her crap usually and does not say boo to the wall.
And the Step Mother saved me and DH all kinds of trouble in the future, because she has decided to disown both DH and his sister. Keep in mind that DH was not a part of this conversation. And had no idea until yesterday that it had taken place. And now he keeps asking me what i would have said. I am a tiny bit sad that i can't get my snark on with this women. She treats his dad like total crap and uses the kid as a reason to make him keep coming back. He has left her 4 times in the last 6 months.

My DH is going to hell, because i guess one of the threats was that no one was getting anymore pics of the kid. Well DH's response was "i don't want photos of ugly kids in my house anyway"
pretty sure that lands him prime real estate.


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