Sunday, February 22, 2009

radical honesty

The Hubs and I practice this thing called radical honesty, that and never spending enough time together i think is the cornerstone of our awesome marriage. In which we watch way to much reality TV. Well to be radically honest my house is a mess. Between welcoming a baby into our already chaotic lives, the 13 hour work days, and the urge to not put our daughter in day care, we have slowly realized that our house is a mess. My once meticulous cleaning schedule i followed daily, has since fallen very far to the way side. So in an effort to make my house what it used to be, or as close to it as i can with a almost toddler. I am going to implement the 15 minuet clean ups. Ideally, that will make my house presentable on a daily basis and i won't find myself running around in desperation trying to make everything look great, in a very short amount of time. So on a daily basis we can all rooms of our house in less than two hours. Here's hoping. I may also re evaluate my cleaning schedule and make it more toddler and pregnancy friendly (crossing my fingers on the pregnancy).


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