Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book Review: The Lovely Bones

I had heard wonderful things about The Lovely Bones. In concept it was curious and interesting a story told from a murdered girls perspective. Surprisingly it was written warmly and failed to have any bitterness that one might expect from a murdered narrator. But I still thought that it didn't quite deliver on what I had heard. I read it in two days, but that is not uncommon because I usually finish books a few days after starting them. After the beginning it became more and more of a forced read. The concept of the story is wonderful, but i don't feel that it was executed to its full potential. About three quarters of the way through the story it takes this plot twist that is both unbelievable and just plain silly. From the cliche high school characters and the unbelievable plot twist i still do not know what to make of this book.


amtc said...

i really enjoyed this book, but then again, I'm not an avid book reader, so my vote only counts as 1/4 of a vote.

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