Friday, September 4, 2009

Embrace The Grim Reaper

The intriguing first in a new series from Clemens (Different Paths and four other Stella Crown mysteries) introduces a classic tragic heroine, Casey Maldonado, and her companion, the Grim Reaper. Casey, who's trying to come to terms with personal losses suffered in a fatal car accident, regularly wishes that Death will take her so she can spend eternity with her departed loved ones. Unfortunately for Casey, it's not her time, and Death decides only to tag along on her sad journey. Hitching rides to anywhere, Casey ends up in Clymer, Ohio, a town as deeply troubled as she is. Casey is soon drawn into investigating the death of a young mother, who supposedly committed suicide after losing her job. Clemens is adept at creating an appealing cast of characters while keeping the plot moving at a fast clip. Casey and Death make an oddly entertaining pair, and readers will hope to see their relationship fleshed out in future titles. (May) - Publisher's Weekly

I found myself far more interested in Casey's back story and her relationship with Death, far more then the mystery that presented itself in this book. I thought that the writing was ok at best. The ending of the mystery was way to rushed. I may try the sequel, only to find the answers to the questions left in her back story.


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So interesting :) Great review.

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