Saturday, January 24, 2009

crazy lists

I ♥ to do lists i really do but i am just shy of the obsessive compulsive musthaveatodolistorimuseless Psyche. I use them as a basic guide line for what needs to be done. (right now a lot needs to be done, see my priorities?) I stray from the list sometimes all the time but in my head i know its there.

Which leads me into the point of this. Today i am walking through the grocery store because well lets face it the cupboards are bare. I am shopping impaired. i am walking down the baby aisle because well i need diapers too. (yes i suck) And there is this woman frantically looking through literally pages upon pages of to do lists. I do not for the record date my to do lists that’s for blogging and letters. On the phone shes saying quite seriously that sex is not on her to do lists this week or next. ::snicker snicker:: yes i am that person who snickers at stupid shit.

I left the aisle rather quickly and texted my hubby to tell him that until sex is on our to do list we are not having it!

Of course when i got home i had to explain this to him why it was so ridiculously funny to me. But still if it ever got to the point that sex has to be on a to do list please someone put me out of my misery.

whats the craziest thing on your list?


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