Friday, January 23, 2009


i think im a good wife. i do not think that i fly off the handle more than any other frustrated working mom would. but when i wait to eat because i know the muchkin won’t let me cook in peace. and I love to cook. only to open the freezer to find all the chicken breasts that we just bought compeletly gone and no one told me about it. Yea ok im kinda ticked. So hours after i flipped out on him, the hubs tells me that he feels bad because he realizes when he needs to vent and yell at someone im the one that always gets it. He bounces everything off me. granted i am used to this. because he only has a few friends and since we moved away from all of them we hardly see them. So i just adapted. But he did have a point it always seems like he is yelling at me when hes venting. but it is what it is.


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