Tuesday, January 6, 2009

river of drool

The Good News: the Munchkin’s river of snot and drool, is ending, and her appetite has returned. The mucus however is horrid. The Bad News: Mine Free flowing Drool Not withstanding. Which means that the mommy train has come to a stop. Only doing what absolutely needs to be done and following that with wallowing on the couch playing patty cake with the munchkin and watching the entire third season of Bones on DVD, because dammit i need to know who Grogamon is. My life is that pathetic. Let’s not forget the the text messages planning a friends birthday party, The beeping is getting old. did i mention the cats? they are pregnant and waayy more affectionate then they should be with me, (if i could find the vet i would sue, but he seems to have skipped town, and closed down.) Arse!

I am still trying to find out why most days i feel apathetic, not really depressed i think i just do not like all the struggles we’ve been having lately. The Munchkin however gets to go to work with mommy in the morning for a few hours while daddy goes to a meeting. it sucks when you kid is sick and you can’t get anyone to watch her. At least i am aloud to take her, if fact i was told to. Speaking of meeting i should go be a good wife and find his dress pants and the like, and make sure they are ironed. But i have all day to do that. Right now i need to sanitize some toys and give the munchkin her meds.


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