Sunday, January 4, 2009

ruby red slippers

let me start by saying that i didn’t make a single resolution this year. I am trying something a little new. I am going to enter this new year with no reservations and unrealistic goals and in a year from now we will see just where we stand. So far the first few days of this new resolve have earned us one flat tire, a sick baby, a sick mommy, a free dinner out, a pay raise and two pregnant cats. Not exactly even or that the good outweighs the bad but were trying.

Janurary brings us scattered snow storms, but nothing really sticking around for very long, everything is bright and green again. It also brings 18 month old clothes for an 8 month old baby i may be raising a future member of the WNBA. I have hopes for this year i do, but i try not to get them to far up for fear that like previous years they just come crashing down into my face.

2008 was a lot to test my strength, my marriage, struggles with loved ones, lonliness, grief, pregnancy, and unsent letters to unresolved problems. Just because the year changes does not mean that you have to change everything about yourself in one fail swoop, or its pointless. 2009 will start with the same trials and tribulations that ended 2008, the same way 2010 will start when 2009 comes to a close. have you noticed how fast the years go now, when your a kid they are endless days and nights, now the time is just never enough.

No ruby red slippers, or fairy god mother wishes here, stop at the next house.


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